Tuesday, May 22, 2018

UCLA's Response to May 17 Disruption.

On May 17, Students for Justice in Palestine disrupted an Israeli event at UCLA. Subsequently, UCLA received many letters of complaint, including one that I signed onto. Today, I received this email from UCLA in response.

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your concerns. UCLA is deeply disappointed that protesters disrupted a May 17th student event that focused on the experiences of Jewish, Armenian and Kurdish indigenous communities. This incident left many students feeling silenced and intimidated. It also dishonored UCLA’s commitment to the free and robust exchange of ideas. University officials and police arrived on the scene promptly, and the disruption ended without physical injury. Campus officials are carefully reviewing the incident to determine precisely what happened, who among the protestors are affiliated with UCLA, and how to appropriately respond to this incident. While we respect the right to lawful protest, such protests cannot prevent speakers from communicating with a willing audience.

Steve Ritea,
Executive Director
Executive Communications
2224D Murphy Hall

Comment: While I appreciate the words in the letter, this is likely the last thing we will here of this.

 "Campus officials are carefully reviewing the incident to determine precisely what happened, who among the protestors are affiliated with UCLA, and how to appropriately respond to this incident." 

First of all, the video clearly shows precisely what happened. Secondly, had campus police identified the disruptors (which I am guessing they did not) they would know who were students. As to how to respond, any students should be, at the least, suspended if not expelled and SJP banned from campus. Finally, they are not protestors. They are disruptors. UCLA is a public campus, thus open to the public. Those who enter the campus for purposes of disruption should be arrested.

Let's follow this to see what happens.

Sohail Daulatzai, Junaid Rana and Their "Big Book"

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Sohail Daulatzai

Having taught part time at UC Irvine for 18 years, I had the "opportunity" to attend to speaking events on campus by UCI Professor of Film Studies Sohail Daulatzai. I videotaped both of them, must to the displeasure of Daulatzai and the Muslim Student Union. After reviewing his background and hearing him speak the first time (2013), I asked him frankly which (country) he hated the most, Israel or the US. While not giving me a direct, albeit very long, answer, I left with the inference that the answer was the US. You can that event here and  the second event here (if you are a glutton for punishment.)

Daulatzai was born in the hinterlands of Pakistan and came here as a child where he grew up somewhere in California along the Mexican border. He is a big fan of Malcolm X, a Malcolm X wannabe in my opinion. He presents an image as some sort of angry guy railing against the imperialism and racism of the United States. He is also available for hire if you want a speaker to rail against Israel.

When he's not absorbed in Hip Hop, Daulatzai occasionally writes or edits books. His latest effort (2018) is a book edited in concert with University of Illinois Professor Junaid Rana. The title of the book is, With Stones in Our Hands, Writings on Muslims, Racism, and Empire, University of Minnesota Press, 2018

With a title like that, who needs to read the book? Yet, let's look at the teaser for the book:

"Bringing together scholars and activists, With Stones in Our Hands confronts the rampant anti-Muslim racism and imperialism across the globe today

After September 11, 2001, the global War on Terror has made clear that Islam and Muslims are central to an imperial system of racism. Prior to 9/11, white supremacy had a violent relationship of dominance with Islam and Muslims. Racism against Muslims today borrows from centuries of white supremacy and is a powerful and effective tool to maintain the status quo.

After September 11, 2001, the global War on Terror has made clear that Islam and Muslims are central to an imperial system of racism. Prior to 9/11, white supremacy had a violent relationship of dominance with Islam and Muslims. Racism against Muslims today borrows from centuries of white supremacy and is a powerful and effective tool to maintain the status quo.
With Stones in Our Hands compiles writings by scholars and activists who are leading the struggle to understand and combat anti-Muslim racism. Through a bold call for a politics of the Muslim Left and the poetics of the Muslim International, this book offers a glimpse into the possibilities of social justice, decolonial struggle, and political solidarity. The essays in this anthology reflect a range of concerns such as the settler colonial occupation of Palestine, surveillance and policing, blackness and radical protest traditions, militarism and empire building, social movements, and political repression. With Stones in Our Hands offers new ideas to achieve decolonization and global solidarity.
Contributors: Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Abdullah Al-Arian, Arshad Imtiaz Ali, Evelyn Alsultany, Vivek Bald, Abbas Barzegar, Hatem Bazian, Sylvia Chan-Malik, Arash Davari, Fatima El-Tayeb, Hafsa Kanjwal, Ronak K. Kapadia, Maryam Kashani, Robin D. G. Kelley, Su‘ad Abdul Khabeer, Nadine Naber, Selim Nadi, Sherene H. Razack, Atef Said, Steven Salaita, Stephen Sheehi."

Seen enough?

Going back through the Fousesquawk archives I found one mention of Junaid Rana. Last September, a Maryland professor named Anila Daulatzai was hauled off a plane at Baltimore airport when she loudly objected to a couple of passengers with dogs. I found that Rana, in a previous book he had written, "Terrorizing Muslims", had listed Anila Daulatzai and Sohail Daulatzai in the acknowledgments section. All coincidences I am sure.

Here is what Canary Mission, a group that exposes campus anti-semitism has to say about Mr. Rana.

Let's take a look at some of those contributors. I will not comment on the ones I don't know anything about, but several of them I have written about before, in some cases having heard them speak. Let's just say based on the ones I know, the editors are really scraping the bottom of the barrel though they didn't have far to reach.

First of all, Rabab Abdulhadi is Palestinian professor at San Francisco State University. In recent years, she has brought many negative headlines to SFSU. One problem area has been her mentoring of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), some of whose members have made expressions advocating the murder of Israelis. She has also been accused of using university funds to travel to the Holy Land, where she reportedly met with some, shall we say, bad hombres. 

In May 2015, she was scheduled to speak at UC Irvine, where I was teaching part time. The event was delayed the better part of an hour while the Muslims Student Union tried unsuccessfully to get a university official present to get me to turn off my video recorder. Meanwhile, three chairs sat on the stage reserved for Abdulhadi and two of her Guppies. Finally, when the MSU realized they had lost the effort to stop me from filming, they announced that they would be speaking via Skype with some Palestinian guy in the Washington DC area. Abdulhadi and her Guppies never entered the room. 

Presently, Abdulhadi is having a war of words with SFSU president, Leslie Wong, who used to be her protector. Wong has finally had to acknowledge that Jews and even Zionists should be welcome on his campus. Abdulhadi has reacted angrily with letters that Wong has denounced.

Abdullah  al -Arian, a professor at Georgetown University's Qatar campus is the son of Sami al-Arian, a former professor at the University of South Florida and member of the terror group, Islamic Jihad who was deported from the US in September 2015. (Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism)

Robin Kelley is a professor at UCLA. Normally involved in black issues, he has jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon. I saw him at UCI when he appeared with Daulatzai. Kelley impressed me as someone who had little to say and did not have a firm grasp on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Basically all he did was tell us about his "fact-finding" trip to the Holy Land and show a few slides of Palestinian villages. To be candid, he was overshadowed by the blustery Daulatzai.

Steven Salaita, as far as I know, has never appeared at UC Irvine. In 2015, he was in the process of moving from Virginia Tech to the University of Illinois. During that period he obtained notoriety when three Israeli teenagers were abducted and went missing in the West Bank. Solaita went on social media to express the wish that "all settlers would go missing". The boys were found murdered. The University of Illinois rescinded their job offer. Salata wound up teaching in Beirut, Lebanon, a more suitable place for him. He now makes the campus speaking tour telling audiences how he is a victim.

And then there is Hatem Bazian, professor at UC Berkeley. Born in Nablus (West Bank) and educated at SFSU and UC Berkeley, this character is a professor at UC Berkeley, where he is arguably UCB's biggest embarrassment. Ever since he was a college student he has often been accused of being an anti-semite and why not? As recently as January, Jewish students at UCB were complaining to the chancellor about his anti-semitic expressions. This is the guy who reportedly once encouraged his student audience to count the number of campus buildings with Jewish names on them. He also reportedly once publicly recited that famous hadith of hate about how on the Day of Judgment, the Jew would hide behind the tree, and the tree would call out, "O Muslim. There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him." He is on videotape calling for an intifada in America. I have seen Bazian speak on three occasions. The first time I saw him speak at UC Irvine (2010), I pointedly asked him about the above three quotes. All I got was a run-around, and he never did give me a straight answer.

Bazian is a two-trick pony whose only areas of interest are Israel and Islamophobia. He is the co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) a nation-wide student group with chapters on some 150 campuses. They routinely use brown shirt tactics of disruption and intimidation against supporters of Israel on campus. Yet they always seem to escape any meaningful campus sanctions due to weak-kneed administrators like those at UC Irvine. In addition, Bazian co-founded American Muslims for Palestine, which provides much of SJP's funding. As if that were not enough, Bazian is founder of the impressive sounding Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center, which occupies a broom closet in room 638 of Barrows Hall. Of course, all one needs these days for research and documentation is a computer, and room 638 has enough space for that, but not much else.

So they they are, a rogues gallery of so-called professors and academics, whose only role in academia is to preach their hate toward Israel and Western civilization while they advance their Islamist agenda. For the Daulatzais and Ranas  of the world (and their "contributors"), Islam and Muslims are victims of white racism. They don't care about the victims of Islam, like the victims of 9-11, Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East, Jews, and everyone else put to death in the name of Allah. These people represent a  despicable, blood thirsty ideology, and yet they cry victimhood when others stand up to them and show outrage.

Why Would a NY City Public School Hold Moment of Silence for Gaza Dead?

“I am extremely upset because I did not send my child to a New York City public school to pray for Hamas operatives,”

This is a sterling example of the indoctrination our kids are getting in school. A New York City H high school  held a moment of silence for the  Gazans killed during the recent border assaults against Israel.

By the admission of one of Hamas' own officials, 50 of the 62 Gazans who were killed trying to storm through Israel's border were Hamas fighters. Hamas is a US State Department designated terror organization.

So why the tears? Had all those thousands of Gazans, many of whom were pushed forward to the border by Hamas, made it through, how many Israelis would have been killed by these killers?

Not one tear should be shed. Not one second of silence.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Breaking: Adolf Hitler Died in 1945

Here's an interesting piece of news for all you UC Santa Cruz History of Consciousness and Community Studies majors. A team of French researchers has concluded that Adolf Hitler indeed died in Berlin in 1945.

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"Who's Adolf Hitler?"

Here's the story:

It's only natural that the French are the last to get in on this. When the  Red Army was crossing the  Oder River into Germany, and the Americans were crossing the Rhine and the Brits were crossing the Elbe, the French were still crossing the Seine.

But I guess we can all rest now. My old Dad used to joke that Hitler was alive and working at Lockheed (at the time a major aircraft production company in Southern California).

Of course, the Soviets were the ones to discover the burned remains of Hitler, his paramour, Eva Braun, and the Goebbels family outside the bunker. While there was no effort to conceal the remains of the Goebbels family, the bodies of Hitler and Braun were concealed and the Soviets allowed the mystery to stoke rumors that Hitler had found refuge in the West with Stalin knowing that the next stage of European history would be the Cold War, which started brewing immediately after Germany surrendered.
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"Who's Stalin?"

In later years, it was reported by the Russians that the bodies were buried outside a KGB facility in the East German city of Magdeburg and that years later, they were dug up and completely cremated. Meanwhile, we have known for years that a portion of Hitler's skull was sent to Moscow. It was the breakup of the Soviet Union that led to more access in to the Hitler question.

Common sense tells me that had Hitler escaped Berlin, it would have speaked a worldwide manhunt that surely would have quickly led to his discovery, wherever he might have been. The statements of those in the bunker with Hitler have never been disproven as to the central question about his suicide.

But for those of you still not convinced, keep in mind that Hitler would have celebrated his 129th birthday last April 20 somewhere in the jungles of South America. Then again, I guess anything is possible.

Could that be him?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Burka Riots in France and Jail Time

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Sassy for translation

Last month, a Muslim woman in Toulouse, France, who was wearing a burka (in violation of French law) resisted police who ordered her to remove her veil for identification purposes. Police were confronted not only with the woman resisting and shouting at them, but with a mob which came to her aid. The incident led to five nights of riots and the usual burned out cars.

The woman has been sentenced to six months in prison, of which she will serve three months.

"Heigh ho, Heigh ho
It's off to jail I go"

Whatever one thinks of a law banning burkas, this woman resisted police and incited a riot. For that, she should, indeed, go to jail.

SJP Disrupts Israeli/Armenian/Kurdish Event at UCLA

Hat tip Washington Free Beacon

Within days of a College Republican event featuring Israeli reservists being disrupted at UC Irvine, the brown shirts of Students for Justice in Palestine disrupted a pro-Israel event at UCLA also featuring speakers representing Armenians and Kurds. The below article has a link to a video of entire event which occured on May 17.

And how about those  campus cops arriving and allowing the punks to carry on for several minutes before gently ushering them out of the room? Shades of how UCIPD allowed the aforementioned UCI disruption to continue for about 5 minutes before ushering those punks out of the room.

Question: Is there a UC-wide tacit agreement that campus cops will allow disruptions to continue for several minutes before calling a halt?

Naturally, the Daily Bruin gives the disruptors' version of events in this article, referring to them as "protesters".

The whole situation is sickening. While these things happen in other parts of the country, the problem is especially acute within the UC system. The University of California needs a leadership change from President Janet Napolitano down to every one of its campus chancellors.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

SJP at Stony Brook Doubles Down on its Bigotry

Hat tip The College Fix

Students for Justice at SUNY Stonybrook is doubling down when it com,es to acting like Brown Shirts. First, they call for the school to shut down the Jewish support group Hillel. Now they attack a Muslim chaplain who criticized  their anti-Jewish attacks.

I commend Chaplain Nadim for standing up for decency and against the bullies at SJP. As for SJP, every last chapter should be banned from university campuses. The particular anti-semitism of the Stonybrook chapter is there for all to see.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Pakistani Girl Lured From Italy Back to Pakistan for Forced Abortion

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet-set in Verona, Italy

Here is another horror story out of Italy, and, in this case, Pakistan. The scenario is this: A 20-year-old Pakistani girl, attending school in Verona, gets pregnancy by her Pakistani boyfriend. Enraged, the parents take her back to Pakistan and she is forced to undergo a forced abortion.

The Italian news outlet, Il Giornale, has the report. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The girl was taken back to her country of origin by deception. To her friends, she wrote: "This time my father will kill me."

Taken to Pakistan by deception by her father. Then tied up for 8 hours and forced to abort. A story that makes one shiver, that which saw the protagonist, a girl of Pakistani origin,  residing in Verona.Now the 20-year-old has been freed by the police in Islamabad. She is safe and in the company of representatives of the Italian authorities. In February, Farah  told her friends, "We'll see each other in a week". From those days, however, nobody had seen her.

The student- enrolled until last year at the professional institute Sanmicheli in the Veneto city (Verona) had become pregnant by a boy, himself also Pakistani, with whom she was having a relationship. A fact that infuriated the parents to the point of  forcing her to terminate the pregnancy. "They punctured me and killed my baby. My father wanted me to get married here," wrote Farah to her friends on Whatsaap. And then in an audio, she told: "They sedated me, tied me to a bed and forced an abortion". The (Italian) foreign office intervened asking the Italian embassy in the Pakistani capital to check up urgently on the news relative to the student.

Maltreatment in family   

As reports TGcom24, the girl has lived in Verona since 2008. Her father is owner of a business and has been reported other times for family abuse, the girl even turning to social services in September for help. The situation was serious to the point that the municipality decided to put her up for a period of time in a protected shelter.

Sarah, after having stated that she was reconciled with her family, returned home and then was forced to go to Pakistan. Here the nightmare began. And to tell it the 20-year-old (used) Whatsaap messages to her friends. The young woman was locked in a room, tied up and sedated until the intervention of a (female) doctor who induced abortion with a pill. Pushing the investigation was the school network of the young woman, from her friends up to the (school) director.

Farah is well known and appreciated in her school circle. So much that the professional institute San Michele, where she attended, had acted to arrange her exams in a manner that would have permitted her to face the  months of pregnancy more serenely.

Her story reminds us of that of Sanaa, the Pakistani girl who lived in Brescia and was killed by her father, solely because she wanted to marry an Italian.

What a coincidence that this story begins in Verona, the setting for Romeo and Juliet.

New Birther Theory: Trump Was Born in Pakistan

Hat tip Daily Mail, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad Tepes

Is this tongue-in-cheek, a case of what goes around comes around, or just utter stupidity in Pakistan? A Pakistani news outlet is claiming that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan!!!

But wait! There's proof- a photo of young Donald as a boy in the hinterlands of Waziristan.

Pakistani news channel Neo News ran a bizarre report suggesting that the President-elect was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in Pakistan in 1946

Pictures don't lie. Meet Dawud Ibrahim Khan (r) aka Donald Trump.

Of course, this adds a new angle to  the Starship Mueller investigation. Now Mueller can send his crack team of investigators to Pakistan to investigate whether Trump is even qualified under law to be president. We may even see this today on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room. I can hardly wait to hear Maxine Waters' next speech. How do you say "Impeach 45" in Urdu?

I say let's do a DNA test on the entire Trump family. Anyone who looks at Ivanka Trump would know she is......

Image result for ivanka trump
.....half Pakistani.

Hey! If Elizabeth Warren can pull it off, anyone can.

Trump's Ramadan Message to Muslims

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

President Trump has sent what is now apparently considered an obligatory message to Muslims at the start of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

Reading the message, one can only wonder what speechwriter or other White House hack penned these words. One thing is clear: Trump did not compose these words himself. One can only wonder what Trump would have composed, like perhaps, inviting the world's Muslims to starve themselves to death (LOL). I would guess that Trump is gagging as he reads what has been put our in his name.

Image result for trump; You're fired

If any president or his speechwriter thinks such messages will convince militant Islam that we should all be friends, that is wishful thinking. The jihadists and assorted Islamists of the world take expressions like these as weakness and a sign that the West is in submission.

Hopefully, Trump will have the gumption to forego this greeting next year as well as the White House Iftar dinner (that beaks the fast after sundown). Let's don't let this thing become a tradition.

New York Times Spin

                                                                                                September 1, 1939

Sound familiar?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Shireen Qudosi and the Islamophobia You Don't Hear About

Shireen Qudosi is a young Muslim reformer who has a lot of interesting perspectives on Islam and the many controversies that swirl around her religion. (She is a Sufist.) In the below article, she takes issue with the Southern Poverty Law Center and reminds us that within Islam itself, there are many phobias, such as mainstream Islam's phobia against Ahmadiya Muslims.

In my view, the SPLC has squandered must of its past credibility by unfairly accusing some of being bigoted especially against Muslims. What about the mutual hatred between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, who kill each other and have been doing so every since the Prophet Mohammad died? What about the persecution against Ahmadiya Muslims in places like Pakistan?

What about the phobias held by Muslims against Jews, Christians, Yazidis, non-Muslims in general, gays and others?

We all (including the SPLC) need to listen to reformers like Qudosi. Her website, The Qudosi Chronicles, is linked here at Fousesquawk (Blogs I Read).